Sylvester Stallone Uses ‘Creed’ Premiere to Publicly Thank Director and Co-Star


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Sylvester Stallone took the opportunity to thank his Creed director Ryan Coogler and co-star Michael B. Jordan at the film’s premiere in London after forgetting to mention them in his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

The Rambo star won the Best Supporting Actor prize at the Los Angeles ceremony on Sunday for his seventh outing as Rocky Balboa, but came under fire on Twitter for forgetting to thank his director and co-star.


Samuel L. Jackson criticized the omission, writing, “#waitwaitwait, Ryan Coogler & Michael B Jordan, Thanks for acting with me!!! Loved Sly but…” and Stallone made amends for his mistake on social media on Tuesday, adding, “Samuel Jackson is upset that I foolishly forgot to mention the brilliant Ryan Coogler and MB Jordan he is right… I owe them everything.”

Stallone continued to make up for his blunder at the European premiere of the movie in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday night when interviewer Edith Bowman congratulated him on his win.

He replied, “Thank you, but I forgot to thank my director Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan so I’m going to do it now. Thank you Ryan, you’re a brilliant, brilliant director and Michael B. Jordan, you showed me how to box!… Seriously, he’s better than me.”

According to reports inside the Golden Globes ceremony, Stallone realized his mistake during the commercial break after his speech, and returned to the stage to thank Coogler and Jordan, but it was not broadcast.

Watch below as Stallone discusses his surprise win.


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