These Thanksgiving Dinner Fails Might Make You Rethink Turkey Day


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Source: America’s Funniest Home Videos/AOL Video

There are many words that come to mind when describing Thanksgiving: family, food and parade being chief among them. However, oftentimes the fourth Thursday in November can best be described using the words hectic and exhaustive.

This Thanksgiving Fails video compilation taps into the truth of the holiday. First, we see scenes of grocery shopping woes. Whether it’s a woman face-planting off her shopping cart, a boy literally being pulled along by a shopping cart, or a toddler struggling to steer a loaded cart, the clip captures exactly how daunting shopping for the holiday feast can be.


The second half of the video taps into the Thanksgiving aftermath. We’re treated to clips of revelers young and old, male and female, human and canine, all unconscious, no doubt from tryptophan-induced food comas. Most of them made it to their couches, though an unlucky few passed out right in their food.


Sometimes even the Thanksgiving meal itself can turn against those who aren’t careful.


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