The Game Hit With Lawsuit Over Cover Art


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The Game hit with lawsuit over cover art

Courtesy WENN Newsdesk.

Ariza Obey, a designer and rapper, filed documents in court Tuesday stating he posted a photograph on his Instagram page in September 2014, seven months before rapper The Game allegedly lifted the snap for the cover of his single “Ryda” back in April.

The picture in question features an underwear-clad couple face-to-face, with the topless female bracing her legs around her partner’s waist. Both are wearing black ski masks and have one arm extended, with the male pointing a golden gun with his left hand.

Image courtesy TMZ/Xavier Albert.

Image courtesy TMZ/Xavier Albert.


The Game’s cover art appears to be the exact same photograph, except a beige tint has been added, as well as a Parental Advisory warning and the title of the song in the the top left-hand corner.

According to TMZ, Obey claims the “Dreams” hitmaker had access to his original artwork because the two men have mutual friends.

Obey says his photo was reposted on Instagram by reality TV star. Masika Kalysha, a friend of R&B singer Ray J, who shares a manager with The Game.

Obey is suing for an unspecified amount in damages.


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