They Thought It Was Just A Friendly Whale, Then They Noticed Something Wrong


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Source: News7

Source: 7 News

Several weeks ago, fishermen in Killarney Point in Sydney, Australia, were met with a surprise visit from what they initially thought was just a friendly whale.

The ocean behemoth kept poking its nose out of the water, spraying, and even playfully bumped the boat several times. The close encounter was captured in a few well-timed selfies from the young brothers.


It’s something that doesn’t happen often and within a few minutes, one of the fishermen understood why.

Tangled in the whale’s mouth was a plastic bag and other debris strung through a heavy fishing line. According to experts, these items if swallowed could have easily caused an infection, or starvation and suffocation leading to death.


Source: 7 News

The whale wasn’t playing. It needed help.

Reaching out to try and grab the fishing line, the brothers attempted several times to pull the line free. In the video below, one finally grabs hold and removes some of the debris, but on the next attempt, he finally gets it!

And what makes this even more amazing? After the whale is freed, it shows its appreciation by slapping the water before finally swimming away. They say whales and dolphins are incredibly intelligent. How amazing is it the whale knew to come to humans for help?


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