This Dog Was Alone In A Storm. The Second The Man Pulls Up, I’m Exploding!


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Courtesy Benoit Denizet-Lewis/YouTube

When you get stuck out in the rain, you can just head inside. But that’s not the case with animals. So what happened when this man found a black dog just laying outside in the rain?

Benoit Denizet-Lewis was traveling across the country doing research for his new book, Travels with Casey: My Journey Through Our Dog-Crazy Country. He stopped in a Najavo Indian Reservation where he stumbled upon a pack of stray dogs. Though the dogs were excited when Denizet-Lewis fed them some treats, he noticed something peculiar with one: the black female dog. A terrible storm passed through and she just stayed outside in the rain.


Something told Denizet-Lewis he couldn’t leave her behind. He took the dog to a local animal shelter where they discovered the dog was sick. Without help she might have died within weeks if Denizet-Lewis hadn’t taken her in for proper care.

Rezzy, as he would name her, started her road to recovery, but Denizet-Lewis wasn’t going to take her back to the reservation. He adopted Rezzy and continued with her on his road trip.

Now, Rezzy is fitting right in with the family and looks like she is one happy pup.


Courtesy Benoit Denizet-Lewis/YouTube

Watch the incredible video below to discover more of this amazing story.


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