Dog’s Reaction When Her Favorite Toy Comes to Life Is the Greatest Thing Imaginable


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Source: Facebook/Emily Crisp

Meeting your idols in reality can be life-changing, like when a Chicago Bulls fan meets Michael Jordan or a Wolverine fan meets Hugh Jackman. For this golden retriever named Jolene, the amazing moment comes when she finally meets…Gumby.

Remember Gumby? The lanky, clay green dude? Well, Gumby also happens to be Jolene’s favorite stuffed toy. Recognizing Jolene’s love for the toy, owner Emily Crisp had her boyfriend, Ben Mesches, dress up as Gumby to surprise the dog. Jolene’s beautiful reaction to meeting Gumby is enough to move you to tears:


Upon seeing her favorite clay character walk into the home, Jolene drops the toy version and you can almost read the shock and awe in her face. Hesitantly, as if making sure that this is really happening, Jolene edges closer, until her excitement takes over and she jumps into Mesches’ arms, unable to control her happiness. “Gumby” falls to the floor and Jolene proceeds to shower him in affection.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


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