Watch This Groom Burst Into Tears Upon Seeing His Bride


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Source: YouTube/De Rienzo Films

Source: YouTube/De Rienzo Films

An emotional groom recently got the attention of internet users everywhere when a video of his wedding went viral. The video was captured by De Rienzo Films and shows 25-year-old Gabriel Deku, the groom, bursting into tears the moment he sees his bride.

24-year old Annabella Deku is seen entering the London church and walking down the aisle while Gabriel can’t seem to bear his joy and has to turn away. His groomsman quickly gets him back to his feet though, offering words of encouragement.


The tears roll down his face as Annabella approaches and even more so as the two stand together at the alter.

The video was posted to YouTube and has over 300,000 views.

“This has to be one of the most heartfelt, emotional bridal entrances we have ever filmed,” the film company wrote on their Facebook page.

But this isn’t the first time Gabriel stole the show.

He also managed to make everyone believe in love again when he proposed last year in February by surprising Annabella at a church event.

You can keep up with their love story on their YouTube channel.


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