Watch This Group of Friends Bring Mario Kart to Life


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Source: YouTube Base37

Source: YouTube Base37

A group of pranksters from England brought Mario Kart to life last week when they created a “Mario Kart Flashmob” by racing around inside a shopping mall.

The only rules? Don’t hit any one and don’t get caught. It looks like the first goal was achieved. The second, not so much.


The players arrived in a white Volkswagen with the licenses plate MARIO. After lining up at the “starting line,” it was go time.

Out of nowhere the players rode through the almost empty Westfield Mall in Shepherd’s Bush, England. Staff members and shoppers looked very confused as Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and more passed them on their racing adventure. One of the racers dressed Mario can even be seen throwing a banana behind him, imitating one of the classic moves from the intense racing game.

The group managed to race down a level, into an elevator, and back into the parking lot without getting caught.

A group member behind the video said you just “can’t go wrong with Mario Kart.”

“It was just a little bit of fun. A lot of people are saying the wish they could do it because they grew up with the game on Nintendo 64,” a member from Base37 shared with the London Evening Standard. “We didn’t have any real issue with security – they didn’t really have much time to react.”

Unsurprisingly, the group said they came up with the idea while they were hanging out in a pub.

Watch the game play out in real life below!


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