Watch What Happens When Jewish-Muslim Couples Walk Hand-in-Hand Down New York Streets


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Source: YouTube/WeAreFamousNow

Source: YouTube/AreWeFamousNow

The relationship between Jewish and Muslim religions has been one of constant strife for hundreds of years, but one group is hoping to challenge preconceived notions that the two religions are at complete odds.

Recently, the team at AreWeFamousNow undertook a social experiment to see what would happen when Jewish and Muslim couples walked hand-in-hand through predominantly Jewish or Muslim neighborhoods in New York City.


Watch the YouTube video below:

Unsurprisingly, many in their respective neighborhoods took issue with the sight of a mixed-religion couple walking together, throwing insults – and even bottles – and disturbed looks toward the couples.

However, the experiment also revealed something inspiring.

For as many disparaging, discriminatory messages as the couples received, there were an equal number of encouraging messages, praising the couples and the message of peace and inclusiveness the group was spreading.

“I saw you pass by,” says a woman who ran after one couple. “This is really inspiring, just to see you walk hand-in-hand. … I’m a Muslim myself and to see this is amazing. Hats down to you. High five!”

The heart-warming video has certainly resonated with many online. The YouTube video has nearly 1.5 million views since being posted on April 30. The Facebook link shared by writer/director Karim Metwaly has over one million views since being posted on May 22.

The message “We need love before Peace,” is one we can all share.


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