Watch This Heartwarming Reunion Between a Father and Son When He Returns From Deployment


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Source: Kimberly Gershowitz

Source: Kimberly Gershowitz

If you want that #FridayFeeling, this video is going to give you all the feels.

A heartwarming reunion from a father and son is going viral after being caught on camera by Kimberly Gershowitz. The video was shared on popular Facebook page Love What Matters, where it has already been viewed over 668K times (at time of publication). See the special reunion below.


“The outpouring of love from people all over, their comments about my child and his upbringing, it was so touching and emotional,” said Gershowitz. “It made you realize that people do care that your husband is serving and protecting them. I was overwhelmed.”

Gershowitz’s husband Aaron was working on a MM1 nuclear mechanic submarine in the Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia and has currently been deployed for three months.

“Usually the first two weeks Matthew doesn’t really get it,” Gershowitz explained of her son. “He’ll ask me if Daddy is on the boat and ‘When is he coming back?’ It’s that grief process with the anxiety and the sadness because he doesn’t think he’s coming back.”

Gershowitz and her husband were able to surprise their son at his daycare center. The reunion between her husband and son brought Gershowitz to tears.

“I did not expect the emotions and the things that came out of the mouth saying, ‘I cried so much for you,'” Gershowitz said. “I didn’t realize how much it affected him until I heard him talk and then I lost it. That kind of hit me hard.”

She continued, “When he sees it, he goes, ‘Oh that’s when Matthew was happy Daddy came home. His immediate response after that is, ‘Daddy’s not going on [the] boat yet right? It was really precious…”

Gershowitz and her family are now enjoying some well deserved time together.

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