Watch a Puppy Try to Get This Service Dog to Go for a Walk


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Source: Instagram/comet_and_scooter

Source: Instagram/comet_and_scooter

Dogs love going for walks…with their human that is.

A little English bulldog pulls at the leash of a golden retriever service dog who just won’t budge in this adorable and hilarious Instagram video that has gone viral.


In the video, JoJo, the bulldog, attempts to take Scooter, the service dog, for a walk, biting and pulling on his leash to no avail.

(Scooter could actually be Comet, his twin brother, as the user doesn’t specify which pup it is)

In response, Scooter/Comet simply stands there, not moving a muscle and staring blankly ahead or into the camera with his tongue seemingly saying to his owner filming, “Are you seeing this?”

And eventually, a third dog gets thrown into the mix. Check it out:

JoJo appears to be the annoying sibling of the doggie bunch.

For more of these dogs, all four of them, head over to their Instagram.


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