Watch This Weatherman Nearly Faint When a Spider Appears on Camera


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Source: WOWK 13

Source: WOWK 13

“Jeez, Louise! Sakes alive!”

That’s Bryan Hughes, a West Virginia weatherman with WOWK 13 in Huntington after unleashing an epic scream on live TV that left the entire newsroom in hysterics.



Hughes was the unfortunate recipient of an uninvited guest during his weather report Thursday night when a “huge” spider showed up on the station’s “Weather Eye” camera lens atop the roof.

Hughes began his report, but quickly launched into hysterics when the arachnid appeared on his monitors. The fright nearly gave viewers much more precipitation than they asked for.

“Why did that just happen? I nearly lost my lunch,” said Hughes.

The rest of the report was filled with giggles from both Hughes and the newsroom in the background. Hughes was incredulous to elicit such a scream.

“I can’t believe I just screamed like that,” Hughes added. “Shoot me now.”

Don’t worry, Bryan. We all have our embarrassing moments. Unfortunately, yours was caught on live TV for us to enjoy forever.


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