Watch: Wife Reunites With Husband on Live TV After Kansas Shooting


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Source: CBS/KWCH

Source: CBS/KWCH

Through tragedy in the Kansas shooting comes a moment of unparalleled happiness.

On Thursday evening, Cedric Larry Ford went on a shooting spree in two neighboring Kansas towns. He killed three people and wounded 14 others before being gunned down by police at Excel Industries, a lawn-care manufacturing company.


In the aftermath of these seemingly daily occurrences in America, there is always confusion and plenty of questions as people try to piece together how this could happen…again.

For one woman, the terrifying confusion of these incidents hit particularly close to home.

Jennifer Trujillo, the wife of one of the employees at Excel, waited anxiously outside the factory after the shooting. She had spoken to her husband following the rampage, who told her somebody had been shot next to him. But as she waited outside the factory, Jared, her husband, was nowhere to be found.

Speaking with CBS affiliate, KWCH, outside the factory, Trujillo told a reporter, “I feel like I’m in a nightmare right now,” according to the New York Daily News.

“I was able to talk to him,” Trujillo continued, clearly distraught. “He said he’s OK. He did say somebody next to him got shot.”

As Trujillo speaks, the reporter taps Trujillo on the shoulder and points behind her.

“Oh my god,” Trujillo exclaims as her husband finally emerges and the two embrace.

It’s a heartwarming moment in this senseless tragedy.

As authorities investigate the shooting, reports indicate Ford may have been disgruntled after he was served with a restraining order to keep away from a former girlfriend just 30 minutes before the first shots rang out, ABC reported.

Of the 14 injured, five people are in critical condition. ABC News reported one person had undergone surgery. The remaining eight injured remain in stable condition.


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