Watching This Kitten Race Around in His Lego Wheelchair Will Make Your Day


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Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet

Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet

An abandoned kitten that was brought into Massapequa Pet Vet on Long Island by a good samaritan is getting a second chance thanks to some Legos and the creative thinking of the staff.

The kitten is partially paralyzed in its hind legs and hasn’t been able to move since he was brought in, that is, until he got into his makeshift wheel cart.


In a video shared by the vet’s office, the kitten, which is named Mac, is shown zipping and racing through the halls.

The staff are in awe of Mac “motoring around.”

Veterinarian Ned Horowitz told NBC 4 that Mac has some feeling in his back legs which is a good sign for rehabilitation.

Horowitz also said the cart works well as a transition into therapy. They wanted Mac to be able to move so the muscles do not atrophy.

The staff still doesn’t know why or how the kitten was paralyzed, but Horowitz hopes that with physical therapy he will be walking in a couple of weeks.

Mac will be up for adoption once Horowitz deems he’s OK. In the meantime, we’ll have this video on repeat.


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