Woman Who Was Told to ‘Rethink’ Shorts Has Best Response


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Source: Facebook/Brynne Huffman

Source: Facebook/Brynne Huffman

Brynne Huffman was waiting in line at the UPS store in Frisco, Texas, when she began to chat with other customers. The woman behind her happened to compliment her on her hair, which would have been fine if the woman would have stopped there, but she went on to say, “You should probably rethink shorts.”



Huffman wrote in a Facebook post, “My face instantly flushes, not out of embarrassment but anger. No, not anger. Rage.”

She continued that it took a lot of courage to even buy the shorts, the first she wore this summer, let alone put them on.

“I had yet to wear shorts this season and for me there’s always a little hesitance at the beginning of summer,” Huffman told People. “These were also quite a bit shorter than I usually wear, but with shorter legs, shorter shorts make the legs look a little longer, so I went for it!”

She was blinded by the woman’s comment, and instead of getting into a shouting match, she went with a one liner: “You should probably rethink your shirt.”

Huffman told Today: “I thought to myself silently, ‘Did she really just say what I think she said? Did I misunderstand her?’ I thought, ‘I’m not going to let this lady chase me out of there.'”

And she didn’t.

“I turned around and ignored her until I left the store. I wanted to say more but was afraid, of all things, that I would start crying. All I wanted to do was go home and change my clothes. And THAT (sic) made me angry,” she wrote in the post.

The woman was surprisingly wearing a “COEXIST” shirt, which is a movement promoting the end of discrimination against all religions and the end of discrimination in general. Huffman goes on to note the irony in that.

“Gender doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Religion doesn’t matter. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter. But fat? Apparently fat matters.”

Huffman is also a theater actress and explains that she deals with discrimination on a daily basis.

“They’d ask me at auditions, ‘Why are you here? You wouldn’t be believable as the romantic interest heroine.’ Costumers would say they couldn’t fit me,” she told Today.

But Huffman refuses to let it get her down. At the end of her post, she writes that while someone else may not like her body, she certainly does and that women need to support each other instead of tearing each other down.

The post was well-received with almost 5,000 shares and ton of supportive comments. No word on whether the post reached the other woman, but we’re hoping it did.


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