Woman’s Honest Photo Inspires Us All to Be Less Self-Conscious


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Source: Facebook/Kaylin Maree Schimpf

Source: Facebook/Kaylin Maree Schimpf

For many of us, the thought of having our picture taken just isn’t all that appealing most of the time. Insecurities run rampant when we find ourselves in front of the lens and social media hasn’t made it any easier. Many of us fear what others will think when they see pictures of us online or in person. However, one woman is begging women and men everywhere to “take the photo.”

Kailyn Maree Schimpf posted a viral Facebook post encouraging men to take more pictures of their spouses before and after kids.


“Dear men…. take the photo,” she writes. “It doesn’t matter what she looks like, or if she tells you no, take the photo. You may not think about it often, or at all honestly. But how many photos does she capture of you, of your family and of your life you’ve built. But when she is gone, those photos won’t show your children the women who was behind the camera.”

According to the Huffington Post, Schimpf’s plea for parents to be in more photos came after her own father died. She realized that she didn’t have many pictures of him because he was usually the one behind the camera and not in front of it.

“Photos are all we have eventually,” she told the Huffington Post. “Memories are great, but I look back and I have nothing of my dad.”

So, she urges everyone to take photos no matter how insecure they might feel.

“Take the photo. Messy hair, no make up or a dirty old t-shirt won’t matter to your children when she is gone someday. What will matter is that you loved what you saw enough to take a photo, to document it, to preserve that moment in time of the woman you love. No woman wants to look back at a lifetime of selfies. Do what she does for you every day, and snap a few moments in time.”

Even in the age of selfies and Instagram, we still sometimes might forget to be in the picture instead of taking it, so throw those insecurities away and have fun being yourself.

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