Women Get the Last Laugh With #WasteHisTime2016 Twitter Takeover


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Credit Twitter

Credit Twitter

Poor unsuspecting men better turn to social media to check out if they’re being played by the women in their lives.

On Wednesday night, a new Twitter hashtag, #WasteHisTime2016, has the female sphere of the Twitterverse sharing ideas and ways on how to, well, waste a man’s time. In truly evil (read: funny) and unique ways.

Most of the Tweets have the same theme. Lure a man in, only to then completely embarrass him and destroy his confidence. If the Tweet is turned around, it’s probably safe to say that the behavior, or some variation, was committed against the Tweeter at some point in their dating history. If it reads that way, this movement seems a little like sour grapes.

But not everyone is embracing this new meme. Some Tweeters, both male and female, are rebelling against the hashtag, saying it’s an embarrassment or just plain sad.

No matter which sex committed the original offense, the behavior in each Tweet is careless, selfish, and downright mean, which makes it sad to think of happening to anyone, regardless of gender.

And of course, no Twitter battle would be complete without hearing from the other side. Now men are joining in on how to #WasteHerTime2016. Let the battle of the sexist hashtags commence.


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