You Won’t Believe These Strange Google Earth Images


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Google is on a mission to map and photograph the entire planet, as well as galaxies in outer space and the oceans below. In this immense quest, Google has set out to photograph virtually every nook and cranny on Earth. With Google Street View, which is fully integrated with Google Earth, you can literally zoom in on any street that has been mapped and see what people are doing.

Inevitably, with more than 7 billion people walking around, and going about their business, Google is bound to photograph some strange people doing odd things along the way. If you’re one of the people in these photos, feel free to say “Hi” and explain what you were doing in the comments. We know the world can be a very strange place with odd, inexplicable things about it. Here are some of the weirdest things caught by Google. So please remember to keep smiling… you never know when a Google camera could be shooting the street you’re on.



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