Zoe Saldana Training Children To Be Trilingual


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The Avatar star gave birth to Bowie and Cy with husband Marco Perego in November and she reveals the new parents have already started to introduce the boys to other languages in the hopes they will develop good linguistic skills from a young age.


However, Saldana acknowledges their efforts may also leave them completely confused as each grandmother wants to be called a different name. She explains, “I don’t know what they’re going to speak because right now, we’re talking to them in English and Italian and Spanish.

“What’s most confusing is my mom would like to be called a certain way as a grandmother. In Spanish it’s ‘mama’. So I’m ‘mommy’. And then his (Perego’s) mother is ‘la nonna’. I’m like, ‘How are they going to do this between la nonna, mama and mommy?’ I kind of have a feeling their first (word) is going to be ‘English.’ Like, ‘Ugh, English! (Speak) English! This is America!'”

Saldana and Perego wed in 2013.


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