sheepdog puppies

Three Sheepdog Puppies Found Alive After Italian Avalanche Gives Rescue Workers Hope


Whoopi Goldberg Desperate for ‘Doctor Who’ Cameo


Dennis Quaid: ‘I Never Saw Any Animal Abuse on the Set of A Dog’s Purpose’

Pavel Fesyuk

Dash Cam Footage Shows Young Man Heroically Saving Stranger From Choking

Andy Poineau

Photos of Frozen Lake Charlevoix in Michigan Go Viral

Cat Answers

Cat Learns How to Answer Every Time Its Owner Asks ‘Ya Hungry?’

hole punch cloud

A ‘Hole Punch’ Cloud Makes a Rare Appearance Over Southern California

teachers letter viral

Letter to Parents From Portuguese School Goes Viral

Spokane cop

Spokane Cop Saves Woman From Burning Car in Harrowing Video


Madonna Clarifies Controversial Comments From Women’s March Speech


Kristen Stewart Directing a Film About Gun Control


Karen Gillan Slams Critics of ‘Sexist’ Jumanji Outfit

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Katy Perry, Amy Schumer and Charlize Theron Joined Record-Shattering Women’s March

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Ellen DeGeneres Shares Star-Studded Video Tribute to Barack Obama

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Madonna Delivers Expletive-Laden Speech at Washington, DC Women’s March

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Beyonce Leads Tributes to Obama Family

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Chrissy Teigen ‘Dumps’ Husband John Legend for DC Women’s March


Rachel Platten Slams Use of ‘Fight Song’ at Donald Trump Inaugural Ball

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Rising YouTube Star Asked Her Dad to Narrate Her Makeup Tutorial


Ellen Page Confronts Preacher on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C.

Buy American

People on Twitter Are Calling Out President Trump’s Inaugural Address for His ‘Buy American’ Remark

Rebecca Schofield

Teen Battling Cancer Inspires Acts of Kindness With #BeccaToldMeTo Movement

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Charlie Sheen Blasts Jon Voight for Trump Speech

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Eight Survivors Found From Devastating Avalanche That Buried Italian Hotel


Kristen Stewart Co-Authors Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Tyler Hindery

Tourists Almost Become Food After Gator Leaps Into Boat During Close Encounter

Rajesh Sharma

Grocery Store Owner Holds Free Lessons for Slum Children Under a Bridge in India

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Why This 15-Year-Old Ballerina Is Crushing Stereotypes Everywhere

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‘NCIS: LA,’ ‘Robocop’ Actor Miguel Ferrer Dead at 61


Alec Baldwin Revisits Donald Trump Impression for Star-Studded Protest