12 People That Just Don’t Care Anymore


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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just don’t care anymore. For some, these could be fleeting moments when you just need to sit down and take break. For others this attitude dictates every decision they make in life. You can scoff at their attitude and call them “lazy.” Truth is, we’re all jealous and wish we didn’t care any more.

1. Dude be like, “Yeah, I got this yoga thing.”


2. You can’t really consider buying a chair without trying out the chair. People Who Just Don't Care 03. Yeah, no need to panic. We’re renting this umbrella. 4/204. “That’s right. I’m going to eat my nasty smelling lunch right here.” This Good citizen who eats something really smelly in the subway!5. “Yeah, I see the sign. So what?” given-up-10   6. This is how we should all workout. 7. Wonder if he brought the sofabed back to this hotel room. I’m guessing no. People Who Just Don't Care 168. Getting ready for the big night or recovering from the big night. You make the call. 9. Brother needs to cool off. 6/2010. “How else am I going to get dinner ready?” This future chef and her onion.11. Sometimes you gotta take a bath when you gotta take a bath. given up 21 These people just dont care anymore (30 Photos)   12. “Yeah, I caught the ball. Whatever.”    

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