20 Miniature Donkeys Are in Need of a ‘Forever Home’


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Looking for a new pet?

An Arizona animal shelter posted on social media that 20 miniature donkeys are in need of a “forever home.” Triple R Horse Rescue announced that it will be receiving a shipment of the cute animals after a “breeding situation.” The animal shelter is asking people who may be interested in adopting the mini donkeys to reach out to them.


Ken Bacher, president of Triple R Horse Rescue explained, “160 of the donkeys wound up at a Texas rescue when a breeding situation occurred. As a result, the donkeys are being released to rescues such as Triple R so new homes can be found for them.”

The donkeys will come “in a multiple of petite sizes and colors” and will cost $400 each. The listing was posted to Facebook last Wednesday and has since gone viral with over 86,000 shares.


Posted by Triple R Horse Rescue on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

“Miniature donkeys are ‘herd’ animals,” shared the National Miniature Donkey Association. “To avoid undue stress and loneliness, it is strongly recommended they not be kept singly but with another Miniature Donkey or other animal as a life-long friend.”

So purchasing them as a package deal could be the wiser choice… Win win!

To find out more information about the miniature donkeys and the adoption process visit Triple R Horse Rescue website.


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