Abandoned Golden Retriever Goes From Panic Attack To LOVE After Being Rescued


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Source: Hope For Paws / YouTube

Approaching stray dogs can be a difficult situation. Though it’s easy to assume a dog will be kind, for they are “man’s best friend” after all, it’s almost impossible to know for sure if something in the animal won’t make it lash out.

That’s what it was like for Clarabelle, the stray golden retriever in the video below that had been roaming the streets for weeks.


Several people tried to feed her, but for whatever reason, Clarabelle was terrified and getting close to the poor girl was proving difficult for bystanders. So, someone finally called Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization that specializes in troublesome cases. HopeForPaws But even for these professionals, finally getting Clarabelle took five separate attempts. On the last time, two Hope For Paws caretakers managed to corner Clarabelle beneath a dumpster. After several attempts, one of the caretakers secured a lasso around Clarabelle’s neck and she seemed just fine. But when he tries to pull her out from the dumpster… You just have to see! Clarabelle has a panic attack and the entire scene is difficult to watch. But what really makes this special is the complete turnaround she has once she’s out from under the dumpster and realizes the Hope For Paws’ workers are there to help her. You can almost see the smile on her face! This just warmed my heart so much seeing this! I wish I could adopt her!
Source: Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel/YouTube

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel / YouTube

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