Adorable Husky Raised By Cats Thinks She Is One Too – So Cute!


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Source: Imgur

Tally, a Husky mix, was raised in a household of cats. As Tally grew older, her owners noticed she lacked the usual canine tendencies and instead acted much more like her feline companions, as seen in the series of photos her owner posted to Imgur. Some of Tally’s cat qualities include her muteness, laziness, general disdain for humans (cat people will really understand this one), and Tally’s amazing cat-like flexibility.

Here’s Tally as a little puppy, cleaning herself with her tongue as cats are known to do:



Here she is in a cute, crouched, very cat-like position probably waiting for a treat, or more likely will spastically leap from the room at any given moment without provocation.


And below is Tally inside a box (a common place of comfort for cats) with her head adorably popping out:

Source: Imgur

One of Tally’s favorite pastimes, according to her owners, is watching over the neighborhood, quietly judging human existence:


If you know cats, then you know they have a penchant for getting themselves into odd predicaments:


Tally really isn’t any different…


So, we guess your environment can have a profound impact on your behavior, well, at least for dogs. Still, Tally is utterly oh so adorable!


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