Adorable Puppy Born Without Back Paws Gets New Booties to Help Him Walk


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Source: Kurt Budde/Best Friends Animal Society

Source: Kurt Budde/Best Friends Animal Society

Thanks to the Best Friends Animal Society a new puppy is back on his feet, literally.

Justin was born without his back paws making it a little difficult for him to keep his balance. The active pup got around “fairly well” by putting the majority of his weight on his front legs. Now thanks to staff at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, Justin is putting the pep back in his step with a new pair of red winter booties.


When the puppy first arrived at the Sanctuary, the staff noticed that Justin showed some discomfort whenever he tried to run and play. The little booties will help solve this and make it easier for him to get around.

The staff assumed Justin would be at the sanctuary for a while due to his condition, but he quickly was adopted only a month after his arrival.

“He has a magnetic personality and everyone is attracted to him,” Giovanna Piazza, Justin’s new owner, shared with ABC News. Piazza also renamed the puppy Jax.

Jax now visits a veterinary rehab specialist weekly where he learns to “strengthen his core, and straighten and elongate his spine.” Piazza also shared that she wants Jax to become a therapy dog so he can cheer up the children in the local hospital.

“In the next few weeks we’ll add a wheelchair (cart with back wheels) and in a year or so prosthetics, once he’s grown to full height and size,” Piazza explained. “We’ve got a lot of work ahead, but everyone on Jax’s Team is very hopeful for his increased mobility over time.”

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