After Paris Attacks, Hacker Group Vows War On ISIS, Disables 5,500 Twitter Accounts


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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The hacker group Anonymous wasted no time Monday after declaring “war” on the terrorist group responsible for the attacks on Paris last week by allegedly shutting down thousands of Twitter accounts shown to support the terrorists.

On Sunday, Anonymous posted a video to YouTube declaring that it would do whatever it could to help bring an end to the terrorist group known as ISIS. The group launched an #OpParis Twitter account and the website where anyone who comes across ISIS social media accounts can search the database and report any extremists or activity.


By Tuesday morning, the group claimed to have disabled more than 5,500 Twitter accounts associated with the terrorist organization.

Authorities have speculated the attackers in Paris may have used social media accounts, particularly apps such as Snapchat, which use encryption technology to hide and delete messages, to help coordinate the six separate attacks that left 129 people dead and 352 more wounded.

While authorities may welcome the help in tracking down pro-ISIS accounts, the hacker group and intelligence agencies share a tenuous relationship.

Even as Anonymous and world leaders have the same endgame, the hacker group does not condone the reported French military’s retaliatory bombing of ISIS sites in Syria.

Still, authorities must be at least partly grateful for the help in tracking down those associated with anybody who may have been involved in Friday’s tragic events, and others who would wish to copy those attacks.

Source: Anonymous declares "war" on Islamic State by ReutersNews on Rumble


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