Little Girl Is Reunited With Her Favorite Doll Thanks to Facebook


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Image source: Cornwall Live

Image source: Cornwall Live

The internet can help mobilize people for many causes, both great and small – like reuniting a child with a cherished item.

Two-year-old Pippa Williams, from Tintagel, Cornwall, in the U.K., was heartbroken when her favorite doll, Lavender, went missing. The doll had been given to her when she was born, and had been with her ever since.

Her father, Antony Williams, roamed the streets looking for the toy. He eventually posted messages on Facebook, asking local people to keep an eye out.

“She is very worn, but this doll is her best friend, and she’s inconsolable,” the Facebook post read. “Anyone who knows Pippa knows that this is truly awful. Please share.”

The post was shared so many times that local news site Cornwall Live interviewed Williams on Wednesday.

“We are devastated,” Williams told the reporter. “Pippa has been crying a lot today, it has been very difficult. Lavender is her best mate.”

People must have empathized with little Pippa’s sadness, because Lavender miraculously turned up near the Williams’ home. It was most likely dropped off by a good Samaritan.

“I was putting the rubbish out and saw it under a hedge,” Williams told Cornwall Live. “I have no idea how it got there, as it is unlikely that Pippa would have been in that area.”

Williams said he was “gobsmacked” by this happy ending, and moved by people’s kindness.

“It is humbling really that people cared so much,” he told Cornwall Live. “If someone did it and put it there, I would like them to know that they have made this little girl’s life. Things like this really give you faith in human nature.”

It sounds like the Williams family, and Lavender, are already set to have a great holiday season.


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