Artist Crochets Food-Themed Hats That Will Make Your Mouth Water


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Source: Instagram/Chilly Philly

Source: Instagram/Chilly Philly

When most people crochet, they go straight to things like blankets or scarves, but one man has taken crocheting to the next level. Artist Chilly Philly, real name Phil Ferguson, has impressed the internet with his insane crocheting skills by creating hilarious hats.

Ferguson began his hat career a few years ago by posting photos of himself wearing his hats to Instagram. They have since gone viral.

Buzzworthy interviewed the Melbourne, Australia, artist to find out how he came up with such an awesome idea. According to the interview, Ferguson began to make the hats when he moved to Melbourne and needed to make friends.


“I already knew how to crochet at this point, and I had the idea of making crocheted hats. I guess through trying to update weekly and riding the wave of its success, I’ve gotten to where I am today,” he said.

He also said that being in a place with a rich culture helped him become more creative.

“I’ve always been into art and creating, but my current practice is definitely informed by living in Melbourne, where creativity is embraced and the culture here is very strong. I wouldn’t be doing what I do today if I was still living in Perth.”

He also reveals that he taught himself how to crochet from watching YouTube videos.

Of his rising fame and going viral, he says:  “The first time I went viral was December 2014 and it was after I had my first story was published in Frankie Magazine. I got contacted by the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed within a few months of starting, and it helped gaining a lot of followers.

“The second time was after I had recorded an interview with the BBC and got featured by Instagram itself. After that I was contacted by lots of media (especially television and radio) and that’s how I have gotten to the point I am today.”

Check out some of his awesome creations below!


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