Baiting Attempt Goes Wrong When Great White Crashes Through Diver’s Cage


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Source: YouTube/Gabe and Garrett

Source: YouTube/Gabe and Garrett

Will the fear of shark attacks Jaws brought onto society ever subside?

Off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, a great white shark broke and entered a diving cage with a diver still inside, and footage was captured of the entire horrifying moment.


As mentioned frequently throughout today’s world, despite their predatory appearance, sharks do not hunt humans. In order to lure the sharks to the shark cages, divers bait the rope inside the cage with tuna, their favorite treat, of which the finned creatures will try and eat.

Apparently great whites can’t swim backwards and are blinded temporarily when lunging and biting at something, according to California’s Gabe and Garrett, the YouTube channel which uploaded the video. Upon attempting to nab the bait, the shark in the footage knocked into the side of the cage and therefore reacted aggressively, slamming it open in a frenzy.

And, the diver, who was said to be experienced, couldn’t escape through the bottom of the cage because two of the shark’s sharp-toothed friends were swimming right below, which totally added to the suspense.

Watch the bone-shaking moment, which might not be suitable for children:

”It happened so fast,” Ming Chan, the diver who survived uninjured, told ABC News. “The other divers just kept telling me how lucky I am.”

Chan’s wife didn’t even believe him until she saw the video, which shook her up. And him, along with the videographer, plan on returning to shark-infested waters for more shark-infested adventures despite the rare fright fest they all witnessed.


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