Why This 15-Year-Old Ballerina Is Crushing Stereotypes Everywhere


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Source: Instagram/Lizzy Howell

Source: Instagram/Lizzy Howell

When Lizzy Howell, 15, began dancing 10 years ago, it wasn’t to become a viral sensation, but to simply do what she loves. Now, however, Howell is crushing stereotypes and inspiring dancers everywhere when a video of her pirouetting 11 times went viral.

Her video on Instagram has been viewed more than 180,000 times as of January 20. Even though the video was posted last year, it recently went viral after it was reposted on the internet, and it’s easy to see why.

turning monday¿ #ballet#turn#balletdancer#dancer#foutte

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Howell has been named an inspiration to plus-size dancers everywhere. It’s hard the deny the girl’s skills as she clearly owns that dance floor. Her Instagram has no shortage of stunning poses either.
However, Howell doesn’t like being dubbed a plus-size dancer. She told BuzzFeed: “If I can do everything that anyone else can, why should I be in a separate category?” Howell says she can dance many different styles, including jazz and tap, and also practices four days a week. “My video has been shared all over the world, which is a big thing for someone where I live,” she told the Daily Mail. “I enjoy most of the comments saying I’m an inspiration for people of all sizes. I really like being called an inspiration, it makes me feel better about my self and what I’m doing.” While Howell does dance because she loves it, it also helps her with her condition pseudotumor cerebri, which is an excess of fluid in the brain. Thanks to her viral video, Howell has now become an ambassador for Dancing For You, a disability awareness campaign.

Thankful to be a part of such an amazing group of dancers, supporting an amazing cause? #Repost @theofficial_dancingforyou with @repost app ・・・ Welcome Lizzy Howell to Our Team ? . . I have been dancing for 10 years now and I can tell you, the dance world is a rough place! Being an over weight dancer has come with it’s struggles. I have been told numerous times by teachers that I will get no where in the dance world if I do not lose this weight. Over the years, I have learned not to care what people think! If people want to tear you down, let them and show them that you can do it! This campaign means a lot to me as I have pseudo tumor cerebri, which is an excess of fluid around my brain. I have been in the hospital many times for this and I can tell you, it was rough missing dance. Not only do I suffer from pseudo tumor, but I have severe anxiety, which has caused me to go into depression. Dance has been a way to release this anxiety and make me happy. I will be going into my 8th production of the nutcracker, my 11th dance recital this year and, my 4th NYCDA convention. I haven’t given up and neither should you!

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Lizzy Howell said told Daily Mail that “stereotypes were made to be broken.” “You will have to work twice as hard for everything that everyone else gets, but it will be worth it in the long run to prove the ‘haters’ wrong,” she said. “Do what you love and don’t let any one stop you.”
Your Daily Dish has reached out to her for a comment.

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