Not Even Two Broken Elbows Can Keep This Dog Down


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1/3 penguin, 1/3 seal, 1/3 pug, 100% heart.

We’ve seen stories of mistreated dogs before, but 6-year-old Bella might be the worst yet. Her woes began when she initially broke one of her elbows. The family that owned her brought her to the vet, who repaired the damage and instructed them to limit her physical activity until she had time to heal.


For reasons unknown, the family ignored those instructions, and soon Bella broke her elbow again. On top of that, the vet discovered that she’d also broke her other elbow. At this point, the medical team realized the issue was genetic and that massive medical procedures would be necessary. However, her owners began dragging their feet. They allowed the vet to take Bella in for care, but they wouldn’t give permission for any future medical procedures, nor would they give up ownership of the dog.


Source: Life With Dogs

For nine excruciating months, Bella was in limbo. The vets took care of her best they could, but without permission from her owners, they could do no more. Eventually, the charity Pug Nation became involved, and convinced the family to relinquish ownership. Once they did, doctors were able to amputate enough of her arms to allow her to maintain a comfortable, if penguin-like, life.

Pug Nation also got Bella into the hands with regular pet foster parent Wendy (no last name given). Wendy gave Bella a new lease…or should we say leash on life, walking her with a special harness that allows the pup to walk on her just her hind legs.

Luckily, Bella’s story has a happy ending, but there are plenty of other abused and special needs dogs out there who need a good home. Reach out to reputable pet organizations to help out.


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