The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Been Solved… Maybe


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Source: Science Channel's What on Earth

Source: Science Channel’s What on Earth

Scientists discovered weird cloud formations capable of downing vessels and planes that might prove a legendary mystery.

Hexagon-shaped clouds were captured on satellite image and reported on in a Science Channel segment that’s got the internet all hot and bothered about the potential final solution to the ominous Bermuda Triangle.


Over in the North Atlantic Ocean is a confusing area of about half-a-million kilometers where over 75 planes and hundreds of ships have disappeared – referred to by many as the Bermuda Triangle.

Recently, just over the western side of Bermuda Island, massive clouds appeared that were oddly symmetrical and creating “air bombs” with 45-feet-high winds of 170 mph, easily able to flip ships upside down and thrust airplanes down from the sky into the ocean.

“They (air bombs) are formed by what are called microbursts and they’re blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other,” meteorologist Randy Cerveny said on the Science Channel’s segment What on Earth.

The segment continues with the narrator saying, “Scientists believe the powerful winds reported by radar in the North Sea also exist below the hexagonal clouds over the Bahamas, and meteorologist Randy Cerveny thinks they’re connected to a terrifying atmospheric phenomenon.”

Many publications over the internet took his words in the segment as proof the Bermuda Triangle, which has taken over a thousand lives in the past 100 years, exists and has finally been solved.

Source: Monster Wiki

Source: Monster Wiki

However (unfortunately?), this is not at all what Cerveny, an expert, meant.

“The editing on this was horrendous,” Cerveny told the Washington Post, regarding the segment which aired in the U.K.

Apparently “air bombs” aren’t a thing and he did not mean the Bermuda Triangle when talking about “the terrifying atmospheric phenomenon” on the show, which was aired before he could watch and correct.

“That was a surprise,” joked Cerveny, whom holds a leading position in the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization. “I have no interest in studying the Bermuda Triangle.”

Another legendary mystery unsolved… along with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.


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