This Family Saw Their Backyard Invaded by a Family of Black Bears


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It can be hard finding somewhere to cool off during the summer, but for a family of black bears, one human family’s pool was just right.


YouTube user Tim Basso originally uploaded three videos in 2015 that documented a family of black bears, specifically a mama bear and her cubs, overtaking his family’s backward and their swimming pool. It’s no surprise that the bears took to the family’s pool. As described by the bear life organization, black bears are naturally comfortable in the water from a young age, as they’re naturally good swimmers. The site reads, “North American Black bears like to swim. If there is water where they live they will exploit it for food. Since bears like to hunt fish they are not shy of water. In fact their baby cubs take to the water quickly.”
black bears

Source: Tim Basso | YouTube

The site goes on to detail how bears are drawn to human areas as they look for sustenance. “In their search for food in their habitat they can cross ponds, lakes, and rivers to get to better feeding grounds (including campgrounds, lodges, and resorts). They use their powerful front and hind legs to paddle swiftly through water and are actually graceful swimmers.” The videos were met with a massive reaction on Youtube, collecting nearly 9,000,000 combined views. The second video of the black bears trilogy has proven to be the most popular, garnering over 6,000,000 views on its own.

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