Viral Picture Shows a Kind Man Going Out of His Way to Help an Elderly Woman Cross the Street


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Source: Amanda Logan Facebook

A simple picture of a man helping an elderly woman cross the street is going viral for all of the right reasons.

Brandon Hairston was in his car when he saw an elderly woman in need of some help. The woman was trying to cross the street during heavy traffic causing cars to swerve around her. Hairston quickly realized the woman needed some assistance and got out of his car to help her cross the street.


She seemed scared and timid,” Hairston told Denver television station KUSA.

Amanda Logan captured the random act of kindness on her phone and later uploaded the picture to Facebook. Logan did not know Hairston, but thought his gesture deserved to be shared.

I don’t know who he is and maybe someone here on Facebook knows,” Logan wrote on Facebook. “Today this elderly lady was trying to cross Piney Forest through moving traffic. She seemed a little confused as cars dodged her coming from McDonald’s. Our light was green and cars were steadily trying to move around her then this young man gets out of his car to help her cross in traffic.”

Luckily, River City TV was able to identify Hairston and ask him about his compassionate act.

I thought that would be a time to show that all young people are not violent or into negative things,” Hairston said to River City TV. “There are still some positive young kids out here that’s trying to make a difference.”

Hariston was also excited to provide a happy story in the news cycle.

“I am just glad that the city was able to have something positive to see and talk about, because there has been a lot of negative things in the news lately,” Hariston told Your Daily Dish via Facebook. “People were able see their city in a positive light and also see the love and light through me.”

He continued, “I just want people to envision that there is a light in all of us and everyone is on this earth for a reason,” Hariston told Your Daily Dish. “Therefore, care for others as you want someone to care for you.”

The YMCA coordinator hopes his act will inspire those around him.

“If kids can see I’m making an impact or trying to change a city, they can see it and I can be a role model for them,” Hairston said to River City TV.

Check out Hairston’s full interview with River City TV below.

Your Daily Dish has reached out to Brandon Hairston for a comment. 


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