British #OlympicNan Takes Twitter by Storm


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As the Rio Olympics gets in full swing, the world will see athlete after athlete fulfill their lifelong dream. They’ll receive their medals in front of adoring crowds and wipe away tears on the podium as their respective national anthem is played. Oftentimes in the pomp and circumstance of the moment it’s easy to lose track of all the family and friends who’ve sacrificed so each athlete could live their dream.

However thanks to social media, some of those family members are getting the exposure they deserve. The first to gain major attention in the Rio Olympic games is British swimmer and Gold Medal winner Adam Peaty’s grandmother, Mavis.


Calling herself the #OlympicNan, Mavis has gained quite a following in recent weeks.

Her tweets first gained attention in the lead up to the swimming event her grandson was competing in.

Mavis then began to go viral after her grandson set his first world record, completing the 100m breaststroke in 57.55 seconds.

She continued cheering Adam on throughout the competition.

Mavis even had a pitch-perfect, emoji-filled response ready for her grandson’s victory after he took gold, and in the process broke his own record with a time of 57.13 seconds.

Mavis’ running commentary on the games became so popular that #OlympicNan even briefly trended on Twitter, and a news crew documented her live reactions to her grandson’s final race.


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