Canadian Animal Shelter Sells Older Cats the Same Way as Used Cars


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Source: YouTube/Calgary Human Society

Source: YouTube/Calgary Human Society

Stop on by at the Calgary Humane Society to buy the cheapest cats you’ll ever find! You won’t get another deal like this folks, we guarantee it!

It may sound like a joke, but the Calgary Human Society in Canada is serious when it comes to adopting older cats. The shelter put together a used car-like commercial to raise awareness about adopting their older felines, as opposed to kittens.


According to the ASPCA, of all cats in shelters only 37 percent are adopted while 41 percent are euthanized, and the statistic is even worse for older cats.

To help combat this, the shelter created the hilarious video where a heavily mustached man attempts to sell you cats like a used car salesman.

“Felines, felines, felines!” the man begins in the video. “Black cats, white cats, tall cats, short cats. We’ve got cats of all makes, models, and colors. They’re practically ready to walk off the lot!”

The video went viral and has since been viewed over 846,000 times (as of press time) and it’s clearly working. Comments on the video have people expressing their praise for the creative marketing and a newfound desire to adopt older cats.

One person wrote: “I want a cat now,” while others joked to not trust the dealer, “Don’t trust the dealer. When I got home I discovered that the cat had malfunctioning brakes and an emissions problem.”

Be sure to get that warrantee on your cat, folks.

Whether you’re in business for a cat or not, the video is still worth a watch:


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