Cancer Survivor Has a Giant Stroke of Luck and Wins $150K from State Lottery


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Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Talk about hitting it big!

Donna Boyd-Warren hit the jackpot and won $150,000 from six winning lottery tickets during her state lottery drawing. Boyd-Warren had six tickets with the exact same numbers on them that were each worth $25,000.


Lately, Boyd-Warren has been on somewhat of a streak of luck. The lucky lotto winner has been in remission from breast cancer for about five years now. However, lingering nerve pain from treatments has kept her out of work, making the prize money extra special.

“Life goes on as usual for that I’m happy,” she told ABC News. “We were blessed with the winnings.”

Boyd-Warren and her husband plan to use the money to make repairs around the house and donate some of the winnings to their church and for cancer research.

The Vietnam-era vet normally buys lottery tickets just for fun.

“Maybe two times a week I pick six sets of the same numbers,” she explained. “I look on the lotto online and pick the numbers that happen the most.”

While the cancer survivor is happy about the winnings, she is happier that her cancer is gone.

“Most of all I’m thankful to be alive,” she shared.


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