Cat Brings Bat Inside House Much to Owner’s Displeasure


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Source: Twitter/ NickMillerr_

Source: Twitter/ NickMillerr_

Cats are strange creatures. Not much is known about why they do the things they do, but we accept them just the same. However, one cat owner was finding it hard to appreciate his cat Nala when she brought home a live bat and dropped it inside his house.

Twitter user NickMillerr_ was not too pleased when he discovered the lump on his floor was a living, breathing bat. He documented the ordeal in a video posted to Twitter.


At first, the thing looks dead, but once he realizes it’s very much alive, chaos and confusion ensue. The bat gets up and flies around the house before being taken down by Nala a second time. NickMillerr_ doesn’t know whether he should touch it or not, but makes an attempt to catch the bat with a towel.

At the end of the video, it’s seen flying around the house in circles while all the doors and windows are open.

“What are you doing? Stop flying in circles. Get out of my house!” he exclaims in the video.

After several hours, the bat does find it’s way out of the house, much to NickMillerr_’s relief.

The cat, on the other hand, received a big ol’ middle finder from her owner.

Watch the chaos below. (Warning: Foul language in the video.)

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