Cat Learns How to Use Exercise Wheel After Watching Hamster


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Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

When cats stare at pet rodents, or worse, sit atop their cages watching them with hungry eyes, you can’t help but feel a bit of anxiety because you know if they ever got the chance, that rodent would be cat food.

It’s safe to assume this is what Japanese Twitter user PyonPyong Chang thought when her cat started meticulously watching her hamster on top of its cage. However, you never really know what’s going through a cat’s mind until it does something ridiculous.

Little did Chang know, her cat was learning.

It seems that instead of fantasizing about the hamster in his clutches, the faithful feline was actually amazed with the hamster’s exercise routine, specifically, the hamster wheel.

Chang posted a Vine showing the cat using the washing machine as his own hamster wheel. Poor guy just wanted to have some fun!

We have to admit, it does look pretty fun. Now, if only we had human-sized wheels so we could join in!


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