7 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day


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Mark your calendars for National Puppy Day on March 23. Most people want to celebrate National Puppy Day and encourage others to adopt. Here are 7 ways you can make a difference, promote adoption and enjoy this puppy loving holiday!

1. Help Out at Your Local Shelter

First of all, giving a hand to your hometown animal shelter is a great way to celebrate National Puppy Day on the local level. People can help by giving items and volunteering on a consistent basis. Furthermore, on National Puppy Day, volunteers can organize fundraisers for animal shelters. Some shelters lack the funds to take care of so many pets, and as a result, a fundraiser can help fulfill any shortages.

2. Pamper Your Puppy


Puppies love to be pampered by their humans. Consequently, showing your puppy some extra attention on March 23 seems like a great idea. Humans can give their special puppy a massage from a professional, a cool new leash, a fun toy or a refreshing bath. Furthermore, as a treat, dogs enjoy visiting local parks for activities.

3. Adopt, Don’t Shop

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. That’s why adopting a pet makes a big difference. In recent months, ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ campaigns have inspired more people to get their pets from animal shelters instead of puppy mills. The benefits of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ include saving money and promoting healthy pets.

4. Make Your Home Safe for Dogs

All owners should puppy proof their homes to make sure that it is safe for all dogs. Like kids, puppies are curious and can get into lots of things around the house, so making a few small changes can go a long way. Owners should remove toxic cleaners, buy a first aid kit for dogs, and install puppy gates to keep dogs out of potentially dangerous places.
Celebrate National Puppy Day

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5. Socialize With Other Owners

In addition to helping their pups, dog owners relish the opportunities to chat with people who have the same interests. As a result, National Dog Day presents a chance to speak out with other owners about your love for raising puppies. Owners can communicate in person and online.

6. Speak Out to Celebrate National Puppy Day

As a result of this important holiday for puppies, owners should feel compelled to write to their local representatives about vital issues involving dogs. While that is important, March 23 is also a time to share puppy photos with friends or share puppy articles — like this one — on Facebook.

7. Stay informed With Puppy Issues.

Finally, celebrate National Puppy Day by staying on top of important issues relating to dogs. It is especially relevant to subscribe to popular puppy blogs and email newsletters so that you learn everything that there is to know about puppies.

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