Celebrate Veterans Day With This Heartwarming Homecoming Video Compilation


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We have all heard the familiar heart-wrenching stories of military families seeing off their loved ones. The lucky ones have to wait months or even years to see their faces again while the unlucky families have unknowingly just said their final goodbyes. On this Veterans Day, we’ve decided to honor the brave men and women who have served their country by showcasing the happier moments.


Warning: you’re still probably going to need a box of tissues. Watch the video below.

Source: Heartwarming Homecomings For Veterans Day

We will never, ever stop being suckers for these videos. The shock on the faces of mothers and children and spouses just can’t be made up. Yes, they’re real. Yes, they’re home. And yes, he or she definitely went through the trouble of getting into a cardboard box and getting wrapped up like a present because our fighting force fully understands how important the element of surprise is.

These heartfelt homecoming videos are a much-needed reminder that it’s not just the people in the uniforms who make sacrifices. Military families provide our soldiers with support while suffering silently. Aside from the constant fear of shattering news, everything from a missed birthday to the empty seat at the dinner table requires unthinkable strength from every member of the family. They have earned the right to get the happy surprise of their lives.



U.S. Marine surprises his sister at her wedding.


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