Imaginative Dog Owner Gives His Three-Legged Dog a Cartoon Paw for Super Creative Photos


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Meet Bradley, a three-legged dog who is living in a world of imagination.


Bradley’s owner, Charley DeRochers, is a Photoshop wizard and has created an animated paw for his dog to explore the world with. With his one-of-a-kind paw, Bradley can bake a cake, go on an adventure, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. “He’s such an awesome cute little dog and he’s great at taking photos,” DeRochers told Inside Edition. “I just wanted to see if I could do something [creative] with him.” Bradley was brought into DeRochers’ life after a car struck him when he was riding a bike without a helmet. “It launched me right into the concrete headfirst,” DeRochers said to Inside Edition. “So, I was having pretty bad post-concussion symptoms [including] waves of depression and mood swings. [I was] very forgetful. It felt like I was underwater for a while.”
  With his girlfriend working long hours, DeRochers was left on his own for long periods of time. DeRochers did not enjoy being by himself and thought about adopting a dog. “I’d just be alone with my own thoughts — it was really rough. I kind of needed a buddy to hang out with,” DeRochers said to Inside Edition. “After a week of mood swings and random crying, I was just like, ‘Honey, we’re getting a dog. We’re getting a dog now.'”
DeRochers immediately knew he wanted to adopt Bradley once he learned that a car had also hit the dog. Because of the accident, Bradley had to get his front paw amputated, yet it allowed for Bradley and DeRochers to recover together. With his front paw gone, DeRochers decided to get creative and give Bradley a new life on Instagram. The adventurous pup has over 7,000 followers who track DeRochers’ original creations of Bradley. “I just try to frame Bradley well when I take the photos and I think of the arm and what he’s doing as I draw the picture,” Desrochers told The Dodo. So, where does DeRochers get his inspiration from? “The ideas and creation just come to me based on whatever expression he has on his face in the photos I take,” DeRochers told Your Daily Dish via Facebook. “It’s usually that straight forward. I do a lot of improv here in LA and with my girlfriend/Bradley’s other pawrent, Marianne, so for better or worse my mind is always thinking of dumb jokes and riffs.” The response to Desrochers’ drawings have all been very positive. “I think its fantastic,” Desrochers wrote to Your Daily Dish. “I can’t believe that people are getting even the slightest of enjoyment out of this simple little hobby that I’ve been doing. It’s always nice to see people react positively to anything and it means even more that it’s to our little guy Bradley.” Check out more of DeRochers and Bradley’s adventures on their Instagram page.
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