Creative Dad Comes Up With Artistic Design to Cover Up Daughter’s Diabetic Device


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Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Creative dads for the win!

A picture recently uploaded to Imgur shows how a dad found a super creative way to cover up his daughter’s diabetes device during a swim meet.


The post explains that the dad used tape from the dollar store to craft a killer whale on his daughter’s arm. The killer whale is the team’s mascot, so it was the perfect fit.

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One Reddit user explained that the device is called a Continuous Glucose Monitor.

“It is a device that is able to track blood sugars that is then sent to a small device (size of a pager) where you are able to see your blood sugar levels and which direction you are heading,” the user posted.

While her creation is homemade, there are different companies that sell decorative covers for CGMs.

It looks like these companies now have some friendly homemade competition!


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