Strangers Send Rainbow Pictures to Autistic Boy for Heartwarming Reason


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Thanks to a viral Facebook post, one little boy is feeling the love after losing both of his parents. This past May, Robbie Ecuyer’s parents passed away. His mother died first after a complicated battle with cystic fibrosis. When she passed away, Ecuyer’s father told the 9-year-old that his mom “went over the rainbow bridge.” The same day that Ecuyer’s mother died, a family member was able to capture a special moment on camera. A double rainbow appeared over Ecuyer’s school, giving the 9-year-old a special moment to cherish. “Robbie’s father is the one who explained the rainbow bridge to him. That’s why the picture meant so much when that happened,” Crystal Skawinski, Ecuyer’s aunt and guardian, told Inside Edition. Unfortunately, just 22 days after Ecuyer’s mother passed away, his father died from a drug overdose. The 9-year-old, who is also autistic, was filled with grief. In order to help her nephew, Skawinski took to Facebook and asked people to send her pictures of rainbows to comfort Ecuyer.
Skawinski’s request quickly went viral with over 6,000 shares. The pictures have been coming in from all over the world, and she has been receiving them at a rapid pace. “Robbie touched the hearts of a lot of people out there,” Skawinski told Inside Edition. “It’s actually been a lot easier because we have something to be able to talk about rather than [what] happened. It gives him a way to explain it to himself and when he wants to talk about it, we talk about rainbows.” Skawinski plans to make a scrapbook of all of the rainbow pictures for her nephew. “It’s been amazing. To know that one little boy just melted hearts is crazy to think about. It’s crazy to see all these different rainbows,” Skawinski said to Inside Edition.
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