Dad’s Hilarious Video About Kids Coming Home for the Holidays Is Every Parent


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Dad's Hilarious Video

Source: Facebook/Dan Howard

When children come home from college for the holidays, it’s mostly a reminder of how much their parents miss them, but for the adults, it’s also a reminder of how much they actually have to clean up after their kids.

Dan Howard knows this feeling all too well now after his daughter came home from university. While the father was glad to have his daughter home, her inability to clean up pretty much anything around the house and the constant string of friends visiting prompted Howard to record his sarcastic and humorous reaction online.


Howard posted a video recounting the days since his daughter’s been home and how “it’s been great” to have her there with her “150 pound” bag that’s still sitting on the living room floor for everyone to leap over. It was also “cute” when his daughter and her friends decided to get up and bake “cookies, cupcakes, and everything else” at 3 a.m., causing Howard to get about an hour of sleep and leaving all the ingredients out overnight. The next day, Howard’s daughter had more friends over and all day long they sang the “catchy” tune “American Pie.” Howard loved it so much, he found himself “singing it all night long” and he was so exhausted that he couldn’t go to work the following morning. The sarcastic and funny video has struck a chord with parents everywhere and shocked the father with how much press it has received. “I have like 50 Facebook friends (100 actually, according to the Portland Press Herald) so I’m amazed at how this thing’s taken off,” said Howard, 50, on Thursday. “I thought I’d just make a couple kids laugh. Usually when I post something I get like four likes.” Despite Howard’s lamenting his daughter’s antics, he said there’s no hard feelings in the house and his daughter thought the video was just as funny as its initial intention. “Shannon shared the video with her college friends and families, and a couple of Howard’s friends shared it, and it just seemed to explode from there,” wrote the Press Herald. The video has amassed nearly five million views since Howard posted it. Watch the funny rant below.
Your Daily Dish reached out to Howard for a comment.

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