Son Surprises Mom for Christmas After Being Away for 4 Years


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Santa_Hug An Australian mom got an early – and very unexpected – Christmas gift this year when Santa came to her apartment to offer gifts to everyone at the home, even the mother, who was left shocked when it turned out Santa was her son who had been away for years.


Ross Kurt Le is an aspiring actor living in Los Angeles and chasing dreams of Hollywood stardom. Originally from Australia, Le has been in L.A. for a long time, four years in fact, and hasn’t seen his family in that entire time. But thanks to the help of his older sister, Le decided he was going to make the trip back to Australia to surprise his mother for the Holidays. “After four years away in America working on his acting career, Ross decided it was finally time to go home to Australia for a visit. Thanks to his big sister he was able to completely surprise his mom, leading to a very emotional and tearful reunion,” a video shared to Rumble said.
The surprise is a touching gesture, but what really makes this memorable is that as Le enters the apartment and begins giving gifts to the children, his mother is laughing, thinking it’s just a kind stranger. The final gift is for the mother and as Le takes off his Santa beard, his mom finally recognizes her son beneath the mask. The genuine tears of joy that come pouring out from his mom will warm even the Grinch’s heart this winter. Welcome home, Le. For more on Ross Kurt Le, visit him on Twitter at @rossle83, or on Instagram at @rosskurtle.

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