Disabled Vet Visits Child Who Lost His Leg to Show Him Nothing Has to Hold Him Back


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Source: GoFundMe/Team Diego

Source: GoFundMe/Team Diego

Jose Luis Sanchez is a retired United States Marine. Sanchez was wounded in Afghanistan in 2011 and lost his leg. According to his Facebook page, Sanchez is a highly decorated military vet, having received a Purple Heart, Joint Service Achievement Medal, a Navy and Marine Corp. Achievement Medal, and several more. Since his time in the military, Sanchez has tried his best to inspire and motivate others, and a recent visit with a young man is showing the boy – and others with a handicap – that their disability doesn’t have to hold them back from achieving their dreams.

Several weeks ago, Sanchez visited a young man who, like Sanchez, lost his leg. A video uploaded to Instragram shows Sanchez working out with the young boy to help them raise awareness for a new nonprofit that supports wounded veterans and children with disabilities. Watch:

The boy, Diego, always aspired to be like his Army vet dad, according to a Go Fund Me page set up for a new nonprofit.

Sanchez’s video now has nearly 20,000 views on Instagram and has helped the organization, Team Diego, raise over $1,000 so far to help wounded veterans and kids with disabilities. A separate post on photo/video sharing site Imgur has been viewed over three million times with hundreds of comments.

For Sanchez, his small gesture shows that our limitations don’t have to be defined by our physical abilities and that overcoming hardships is all a matter of believing in yourself.

To learn more about the Team Diego fundraiser or to donate, visit their page here: Team Diego.

Disabled soldier visits a little boy’s home to show him that his own disability can’t hold him back


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