Strangers Race to Rescue Elderly Woman Stuck on Train Tracks


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elderly woman

Source: AOL/Inside Edition

A few good samaritans came to the rescue of an elderly woman in New Jersey just in the nick of time to protect her from an oncoming train.

According to Inside Edition, an 89-year-old woman was trying to cross railroad tracks before a train came through the intersection. The woman — who was using a walker — was on the tracks when suddenly the warning gates came down. Video of the scene shows the elderly woman struggling to get underneath the gate. That’s when a stranger comes running into the scene to try and get her out of the way. Watch:


With the aid of a second man, the video shows the two men with the elderly woman are able to clear the gate just as the train passes through. Police authorities who responded to the scene say nobody was injured, reported Inside Edition. That may not have been the case if the two men hadn’t leapt into action to put their own lives on the line. Share this story of their heroics with your friends!

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