Loyal Dog Stayed by Hurt Companion for Two Days on Railroad Tracks Until Help Arrived


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Source: Facebook/Denis Malafeev

When you think of brotherly love, these two dogs might become the new definition of that common phrase.

In an amazing story out of Uzhgorod, Ukraine, a dog helped keep its companion alive for two days after its canine brother was hurt on railroad tracks. According to Pet Rescue Report, Lucy was injured near the tracks, possibly hurt by one of the frequent trains that travelled through the city. Her companion, Panda, refused to leave her side and laid down beside her to help keep her warm and protect her as passing trains rushed over them about every 30 minutes.


According to RT.com, the story of the two dogs first went viral after Facebook user Denis Malafeev shared images and a dramatic dog video of them ducking beneath a passing train. “He kept her warm for two days under the constant threat of danger! I don’t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment. I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it,” Malafeev wrote on his Facebook page, according to RT. According to the reports, several people tried to help the dogs, but Panda wouldn’t let them near Lucy for some time. Eventually, the dogs were rescued and were reportedly returned to their owners. If not for loyal Panda, there’s a good chance only he would have come home alive after this ordeal. Watch the incredible dog video below.

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