Notre Dame Basketball Player Surprised With Heartwarming Reunion With His Military Brother After Winning the Game


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You are going to want the tissues nearby for this heartwarming reunion.

Matt Farrell, a basketball player from Notre Dame, was super emotional after Monday’s game. Farrell’s brother, who is in the Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan, sent him a video message telling him how proud he was at the end of the game.


Farrell got pretty emotional seeing the video play, as he thought he wouldn’t see his brother until February. However, the end of the video had a pretty special twist. When the video message reached the end of the recording, the camera slowly zoomed out to reveal that 1st Lt. Bo Farrell was actually in South Bend arena, waiting to surprise his family. Bo Farrell then walked out on the Norte Dame court for a super heartwarming reunion with his brother. See the full reunion below.

The touching reunion topped off the night after the team beat Colgate, 77-62. “I don’t even know what to say,” Farrell said according to “I’m just lost for words. It’s awesome, man. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with him.” Bo Farrell was able to watch his brother lead his team to victory from an upper section of the arena before sneaking away to surprise his family. “The past two months of hiding everything from my family, about coming home, I had to hide everything,” Bo Farrell said to “Everything panned out OK. It was nothing but positive and great things.” For Farrell, this will be one Christmas he will never forget. “I’m just really happy right now,” Farrell said to “This is the best present I’ve ever got.”
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